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Bert Show Love: 41 – 50

Bert Show Love 41: Brian & Cassie walking, Bert & Tracey at the “Breast Stop” and Kristin emceeing the Closing Ceremonies of the Atlanta 2-Day Walk!

Bert Show Love 42: Brian at The Mane Event Concert to End Childhood Cancer




Bert Show Love 43: We surprised the overworked, underappreciated Moms On Strike with massages on-air!

Bert Show Love 44: Kristin promoting CycleNation for the American Heart Association on CBS46! (Ps. We’d love you to contribute to our Bert Show team!)

Bert Show Love 45: Brian at a golf tournament benefitting L.E.A.D. Atlanta!

Bert Show Love 46: Bert at Kennesaw Elementary for the Big Thank You

Bert Show Love 47: We surprised 5-year-old Cayden with Medieval Times tickets & a VIP experience for his birthday!

Bert Show Love 48: Brian Giving Away Surprise Tix to Moon Shine Grind



Bert Show Love 49: Cassie at the Kidsboost Event “Hawksdogs Fest” benefiting Rescue Me Georgia!



Bert Show Love 50:
Brian promoted a listener’s GoFundMe Page! Their story:


Hi all,

My name is Luisa Castro. My family and  I are here to ask everybody for a little bit of your heart and help.

My grandmother Celina Molina really needs us. She is an 82-grandmother who is fighting for her life each and everyday. She is from Bogota, Colombia. She has diabetes, type 2. She also suffers from blood sugar, and low cholesterol. She is a mother of 4; one of them died last week (October 8, 2016.) and a grandmother of 3 including me. I am a student and a full time mom myself, so there not much I can do for her.  Reason why I decided to reach out to more hearts for help, it is the least I could do for her. A few years back my grandmother was suffering too much due to her diabetes. Her legs will get clog up with blood and make her purple all over. When they finally decided to take her to the doctor, the doctor said they had to amputate her legs so she wouldn’t suffer anymore. Even though she was already old, what kept my grandmother alive was being able to walk around, cook, and some do cleaning. She always wanted to be useful somehow. Therefore the amputated procedure killed her soul. She remains strong for her grand children, she says.

Last week we received the devastating news that my uncle had committed suicide. He suffered from depression; however he always tried to manage it by taking medicine because he was the head of the household. He took care of my grandmother by giving her roof over her head, by sometimes taking her out in her wheelchair, and by cooking for her to keep her blood, sugar, and cholesterol stable. He also worked to pay rent, bills, and her medical bills, including her daily/monthly dose of medicine. They live is a house where they rent an upstairs floor. Since it is the last floor of the house, my grandma barley sees the sunlight, my uncle was the one who would sometimes bring her down with the wheelchair and walk her around. With him being gone this is impossible now, there is nobody that can help her go down the stairs.  Not only that, but she has nobody to cook for her or even pay her rent. The landowner is already giving her warnings of eviction knowing she can’t even walk. My aunt had to quit her job to come and take care of her for now. My aunt is currently taking care of her by cooking for her and tending to her needs. As you can imagine, my grandmother cannot be alone at any time of the day. She needs somebody to take her to the restroom at least because her “house” is not wheelchair accessible at all. I’m not sure if my uncle’s sickness took him to do what he did, or perhaps all the pressure of sometimes not even having food on the table, and my grandmother but I hope he is in a better place.