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Did the “Bachelorette” Settle for Her Second Choice?

Did the “Bachelorette” Settle for Her Second Choice?

“The Bachelorette” made her choice last night, although it may have been her SECOND choice.

Rachel Lindsay went with Bryan Abasolo, but it seemed like her heart was really with Peter Kraus. There was only one problem: He REFUSED TO PROPOSE.

He actually said what everybody with a lick of sense has always known about this show: it doesn’t allow you to get to know someone enough to make a lifelong commitment to them.

It’s not that Peter didn’t want to be with Rachel; it’s just that he knew it was too soon in their relationship for an engagement. At one point he asked HER if she was ready to marry him and SHE COULDN’T ANSWER.

So it’s Lindsay and Bryan who will pretend to be happily in love for the next few months before they break up. The end.

To be fair, during the live part of the finale, Lindsay said she and Peter did have OTHER issues besides his refusal to propose.  Here’s a more detailed recap.