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After A Decade Of Amazing Memories, We Bid Farewell To Jenn Hobby

After A Decade Of Amazing Memories, We Bid Farewell To Jenn Hobby

After a decade of amazing memories, it’s an incredibly bittersweet moment as we bid farewell to our sister, our family member, and our friend, Jenn Hobby.

Read her letter to you, The Bert Show family:

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More on the announcement: Jenn’s last day will be December 7…and what’s next?
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It is with great excitement that I share with you that a new stage in my career is about to begin! With this new beginning, of course, comes a close to this chapter of my life with The Bert Show and Q100.

What a decade! I started working with Q100 in 2002, when I was just 25 years old and eager to join a cool morning radio show and brand-new station. I had no idea at the time that I was in for the ride of my life! The 10 years that followed have been full of more laughter, tears, surprise, growth, excitement and discovery than this girl ever dreamed possible.

As a member of this show, I’ve experienced incredible highs in both my personal and professional life… and you certainly lifted me up through the lows. So many of my favorite memories are scrolling through the movie in my mind’s eye right now…

They include facing my fears with Flashover Fire training, Skydiving and “letting go” live on the air, meeting my amazing husband Grant (thank you South Cobb High School marching band!), supporting the extraordinary Stark family, receiving random phone calls from A-list “Who Do You Know?” celebs, racing at Atlanta Motor Speedway against Wendy and Bert, representing Atlanta while co-hosting Live! With Regis & Kelly on TV, reporting from the SAG Awards red carpets in Hollywood, dancing on Q100’s music midtown stage, ghost hunts in old Georgia haunted houses, wild parties at BitterBall and Jack-Q-Lantern, embarrassing bet pay-offs, Big Thank You Letter campaigns, Frosty-the-Showman concerts at Philips Arena, and 10 magical trips to Walt Disney World on Bert’s Big Adventure… to name just a handful! Together we’ve created memories to last more than a lifetime.

I am so blessed to have shared all of these moments with YOU: my friends and family, the talented members of our show through the years, the unstoppable radio station staff, my baby interns and most importantly, our dynamic listeners!

You all have taught me so much through the years. You have taught me about acceptance and compassion. You have taught me that human beings have unlimited capacity to be kind and giving and good. I’ve learned from your advice emails, from your crazy life experiences you’ve so willingly shared with us, from your bravery in each day and from your generosity in giving back to your community.

From our amazing Bert’s Big Adventure families that I have had the privilege of knowing, I’ve learned that God and family always come in first place and everything else is a distant second. You have taught me to believe in miracles.

I’ve gained brothers and sisters in Bert, Jeff, Melissa, Tracey, Wendy, Mark, Josh, Carl, Joanna, Natalie, Kristin, Cassie, Tommy, Marisa… siblings I never knew I even wanted! You have all become lifetime friends nonetheless. Chemistry on a show like ours is lightning in a bottle and we caught it together, even just for a little while.

I’ve learned that we all must keeping growing, moving forward and taking on new challenges in the world.

I am so grateful to you…Thank you for helping me discover the woman I am today and see the world in a different light. And now as the path takes a new turn, I bring with me all of these memories, life lessons and tangible joy.

See you down the next road!

With love,