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30 Things You Need To Do Before You Turn 30

30 Things You Need To Do Before You Turn 30

Producer Davi is turning 30, but she’s kind of freaking out…she feels like she hasn’t done enough in her 20s, and she wants to know what she needs to do in the next 20 days before she bites the big 3-0.

So, Kristin broke out her 30 things to do by 30 list…and Davi’s actually kind of a BOSS at it.

1. Clean out your car and make it look nice for once in your life.

2. Plant a tree.

3. Go to Vegas

4. Make a pie from scratch.

5. Go skinny dipping.

6. Attend a protest.

7. Crash a wedding

8. Start a 401K. (No matter your age, you should be paying into one – your future old self will thank you!)

9. Watch “Star Wars” in the order it SHOULD be watched. (For the record: 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3).

10. Run a 5K

11. Give blood

12. Throw/Host a successful dinner party

13. Karaoke

14. Eat some kind of foreign delicacy

15. Go an entire 24 hours without your phone, computer, Internet. Unplug

16. Write a letter to your future self.

17. Fire a gun

18. Test drive your dream car

19. Do something involving heights

20. Forgive someone wholeheartedly.

21. Pull an all nighter partying

22. Take a class outside of your comfort zone

23. Go on a ghost hunt

24. Find a charity you love and volunteer

25. Be an extra in a movie

26. Meet an idol and tell them how much you appreciate them

27. Ride in a plane or helicopter

28. Leave a kind note for a stranger or do something kind for a stranger

29. Start a journal